Music 3.0

Visual QuarDisc

What is QUARdisc?

It’s a new, innovative physical music format that combines the physical and digital experience in one sole product. And more besides ….

What is it like?

On the outside it looks like a beautiful vinyl package, and inside there’s a booklet with a wealth of photos, text and an “access key” for use in what we call phygital mode.

How do you use it?

You can listen to it on any audio device that has a simple usb port, as well as on your smartphone, even off-line. Above all, you can use the (free) connected app where you will find exclusive, unreleased content by your chosen artist, on a platform that offers many opportunities for interaction, and is full of information and activities involving in-depth knowledge and sharing. There are several special features: each copy is numbered in sequential order, there is a dedicated NFT environment, the possibility of finding unique autographed copies with a video dedication from your chosen artist, and numerous other options.

Tradition and innovation

QUARdisc brings you the aesthetic appeal of a vintage product, while providing a satisfying tactile physical experience, as well as the best sound quality available today in the market of physical products. It also provides interactive experience, discovering exclusive content, and a choice of new functions you’ve never seen before, bringing you a different, original, unprecedented user experience. addition to providing interactive experience, discovering exclusive content, and a choice of new functions you’ve never seen before, bringing you a different, original, unprecedented user experience.

A new physical format

New, original, easy to use, beautiful to handle, listen to, discover, collect and give as gifts.

Target market – who is the customer?

People who love the physical format and want to have the best music can offer, in particular collectors and fans, enthusiasts, and music industry professionals.

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Once you’ve purchased QUARdisc in physical format, you will find a QRcode inside to scan and download the exclusive App for free. By signing up to the QUARdisc app you can create your personal profile and immediately listen to your artist’s music (it will be your own private digital copy and you can listen to it even off-line). The more you use the App, the more credits you earn, the more exclusive benefits you can enjoy.


New, original, attractive, pleasant to handle, browse through, discover, collect and give as gifts.


You can use it with any audio player that has a USB input as well as with your smartphone. With the App you can listen to music even when you’re off-line.


Interact with music for the very first time! Discover all the advantages and exclusive, brand-new content. More information, more photos, more previews, more videos, more dialogue with the artist.


It’s a unique, exclusive, free (no advertising) platform directly connected to the physical QUARdisc, where you can create your own personal profile and find the music on the card inside the cover (even when you’re off line). Using the App you can access special, unreleased content by the artist of your choice, collect all the albums you like, and have access to a whole range of exciting, interactive opportunities.

In addition to music, you will find totally exclusive, previously unreleased material, such as videos, photos, and audio files that can be found only in this app and nowhere else. In addition, you can interact with the content, and your activities on the app will be rewarded with credits, which are useful in obtaining cost benefits, in services, and in gaining access to even more exclusive content.

If the QUARdisc is a re-release of a previous album, it will still have unreleased, exclusive material.

Yes of course, and you will pass on all the credits accumulated and all the special content in your QUARdisc to the person you give, or sell it to. Change in ownership will be noted and stored with full details in a special space where you will be able to see the history of the QUARdisc over time.

Yes, both Android and IOS (Apple). Some functions might not be supported by particularly old mobile phone models (over 10 years old).

Yes, you may be lucky enough to purchase one and find that it has been signed by the artist. By scanning an additional QR code on the inside of the cover, you can immediately see a video of the artist holding and signing the very same QUARdisc you just bought, confirming authenticity.

Yes, according to legislation provided for by the European Union, under Article 679 of April 27th, 2016.

Forever. The App  servers will always be up and running, like those of many of the social platforms you know.

Simple: you buy the new one as well, so you will have another physical QUARdisc to collect and use, and its cover will automatically be added to the section provided for in the App. The new songs will also be available on the App, your credits as a user will increase, and special content from the new album will also be added to the specific section for extra content. So, the App will contain your entire album collection.

It means you will be able to choose high quality .wav or mp3 files.

In particular:

MP3 48k Hz-256 Kbps (for maximum system compatibility) e
FLAC 32-bit/96kHz (for best possible quality)

Some audiophile editions will have very high quality files and binaural audio.

In less technical words, it means that the audio in the physical format will be exactly as recorded by the artist, with no alterations, compression or approximations in sound.

To make the concept more understandable even to those lacking special knowledge, we can use an example from the world of photography: music files most commonly listened to are comparable to average quality pictures, while music files on Quardisc can be compared to high-definition photographs.

You will already be able to access new, exclusive content in the App and you can also comment by posting your own videos,  use the “give away QUARdisc” function, buy on the store, activate your credit account, access the section for your collection, create your own hit list and check overall rankings, use the audio player and its functions, make a video dedication on a QUARdisc you want to give away, and many other functions will be activated allowing you to meet other users and increase your credit score.

You can book tickets for concerts by your favourite artists, see live performances online and activate the random function to take part in a direct conversation with them, as well as many other functions currently being developed.

Unique, exclusive reproduction software is required in order to listen to files transferred using the QUARdisc QR code system. The QR code used for file transfer is valid once only. In reproduction software this QR code generates a unique user profile that can only be installed on two devices, and these devices cannot be used at the same time.

Yes. All artists who release QUARdiscs can take advantage of every feature, including the Q-Live service, which means artists can in fact perform live, and also have the opportunity to generate earnings from both the audience and possible sponsors and partnerships.

The first release on QUARdisc can be purchased from 20th January 2023 from the UNIVERSAL Music Italia website. It is a tribute album to FRANCO BATTIATO, titled “Invito al Viaggio (Invitation to a Journey)” featuring some of the best Italian artists : Max Gazzè, Carmen Consoli, Jovanotti, Mahmood, Fiorella Mannoia, Vinicio Capossela, Gianna Nannini, Subsonica, Emma, Arisa, Eugenio Finardi, Morgan, Paola Turci, Colapesce and DiMartino, Alice, Angelo Branduardi, Simone Cristicchi and many others.