Cover QuarDisc Libretto e1673369729975


It is made up of 4 components: cover, booklet, memory support, solid state USB drive.


Total weight: 280 grams / 9.87 ounces

External dimensions:  24.5 x 24.5 cms9.6ins x 9.6 ins.

Booklet:  8 pages / 16 sides

Width: 7mm

Memory Card: aluminum material, size 8.5cm x 5.5cm

Audio Files: 2 available formats on USB: FLAC and MP3 (192 kbps)

Physical mode

Slide the card out of its slot. On one side you will find a section where it says QUARdisc. By gently pressing with your fingers, the USB drive will come out. Insert it into the appropriate USB port on any computer or sound system, or into your car amplifier, and select tracks.

mockup quardisc card
Mockup Quardisc App

Digital mode

When you purchase a QUARdisc for the first time, you must sign up using the code on the back of the card, to be able to use it digitally. You only need to do this once. Herebelow, for your convenience, are the steps to take.

Scan the QR CODE

Using a web-connected smartphone, scan the QR Code printed on the card. An invitation to download the QUARdisc APP will appear.

Create your profile

Use your phone number to identify yourself and sign up to create your own personal profile. You will immediately receive a text message with a link. Click it and… you’re done! You’ve created your profile and you now have an exclusive platform with many opportunities for interaction. In some smartphones, after profiling, you need to close the app and re-open it before proceeding to frame the QR code.

Discover content

You will already have all the artist's songs available digitally in your own private copy. You will be able to see exclusive content by your artist and comment on it, even with a video. The more you interact with the content, the more credits you acquire, the more you will be able to get new content from your artist!

Now that you’ve joined, discover all the opportunities there are to interact and have fun, explore all the information you can get on your favourite artists and their music, get closer to their world in a phygital, exclusive, privileged way. The more time passes, the more your QUARdisc will develop and make new features available to you!

What does Phygital mean?

Phygital means combining the best features from the physical experience with those in the digital experience, in order to create a new kind of experience where the two worlds (the digital and the physical) coexist and feed off each other to generate a personalized, interactive, engaging experience.

The origins of this English neologism date back to 2017, when the term was first introduced in the world of marketing and communication to define a solution that would allow a complete experience, and it is now used in many new areas.

Any physical product or service can in fact become phygital if digital technologies that are able to determine significant and more immersive changes for users, are implemented.

mockup qr code

QUARdiscs are made with the intention of minimizing any impact on the environment both in production processes, choice of materials and, last but not least, the business model, where the sales system includes no waste nor operations that create pollution. Unlike CDs (polycarbonate + plastic) and Vinyls (PVC), QUARdiscs are made of 95% recyclable or recycled materials and we are working on achieving 100%.

The paper used is 100% optimized with no waste (for this reason the product measures 24.5 cm/9.64ins each side, using all the available space as per the printed paper standard).

There is no waste in the sales process because production is based on pre-sale orders, avoiding road transport to distribute product that would be left subsequently unsold, and then involve more transport and a polluting, uneconomical destruction process (as, for example, has always been the case with compact discs).